Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan. 30 ~ January wrap up

Well, the end of the month is near. I always like to look over my month and see what my victories were and where I need to improve.


* Lost 5 pounds
* Worked out steadily for the last two weeks of the month
* Avoided binge eating despite extreme stress
* Article is prepped and ready to be submitted

Learning Opportunities:

* Could have kept my eating tighter, although it was technically clean
* When I skip workouts I tend to continue skipping workouts
* I MUST cut back on the stress in my life if I hope for continued success
* My water intake suffers when I am under pressure

I'm not thrilled with January. I feel like I have let life get in the way of my goals. It is going to take a lot longer to get where I want to be at the rate I went this month. I need a new resolve to meet my goals in an expeditious manner. 5 pounds is better than nothing, or a gain, but not what I had hoped for. I'll weigh in again on the last day of the month and hope at least one more pound is gone.

In February, I need to refocus on where I want to be.
* I am going to make a vision board to hang in a prominent place, as recommended by several people.
* I'm going to work on the stressors in my life which includes making a doctor's appointment regarding my anxiety and some bothersome health issues
* I am going to purge the storage areas of my house to clean them out and to try and raise some money
* I'm going to increase my water intake by drinking 500 mLs of water as soon as I wake up and before I have coffee.
* I am going to increase my protein by drinking more skim milk
* I am going to work on staying on schedule for meals.
* I'm going to continue working out as soon as DD9 leaves for school.

I recommend analyzing your previous month and using that analysis to set goals for the next month. Good luck in February, everyone!

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