Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec.7: TMI Tuesday

"Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday."

I was at a loss for a specific topic today.  I wanted to come up with something catchy, like "Tequila Tuesday", but since I don't drink I figured that would be silly.  When I googled Tuesday, I got the above definition, which I thought was funny in a warped, Daisy-ish kind of way.  Following, if you make it to the end, you will find the TMI portion of this post.

Onward to accountability.

I ate exactly the same thing I had yesterday, minus the thrice-damned tarts.

Calories:  1334
Carbs: 150
Fat: 42
Protein: 97

I love it - pretty close to a perfect breakdown.  Maybe another 15 grams or so of protein, but I'm really pleased.

In case you are wondering what my menu consists of, here it is, good, bad and ugly-ish.

Multigrain toast w/ natural peanut butter, skim milk
Nonfat yogurt with protein powder, blueberries and granola
Chicken breast w/ 1 cup of veggies (today was green beans)
Crock pot beef/veggie soup with a sprinkle of romano cheese
Microwave popcorn, butter flavor

None of it is "diet food".  I'm not getting the smart-pop, light, air-popped dullness that is "diet" popcorn.  I'm using the popcorn to battle my chip habit.  Salty and crunchy is really my biggest downfall but this time-consuming substitute helps a lot.

The other benefit of popcorn is how much it irritates your co-workers with it's smell. 

"Are you having popcorn again?"
"Why don't you make that at home and just bring it with you?"
"Did you know that everyone in the building can smell that?"
"Wow, that popcorn smells really good."

So, not only does it help with the potato chip issues, it provides some cheap entertainment.

On the "Effort to Look Like a Pin-Up Girl" front, today was a wash.  I had a bad hair day.  My bangs looked weird all day long, I got stressed and rubbed off all my makeup by 10 am, and I wore my hideous blue uniform shirt.

I have this problem with wearing colors.  I have a crazy health issue with sweat.  Not a day goes by that I am not soaked with sweat.  Because of this, I wear very dark colors at all times.  It's localized, only an armpit thing, but it's horrible.  I wear a prescription antiperspirant, but I still have horrible sweat rings under my arms constantly.  When I began taking my current anti-anxiety medication, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that profuse sweating was one of the side effects.  Needless to say, this has helped my sanity but not my sweating issue. (This may be TMI - ooh - a title! TMI Tuesday - editing now!)

I told my boss that I had a medical problem that would be an issue with blue shirts, but of course he would not listen to me - who has a medical issue that prevents them from wearing blue?  Well, within an hour and a half of donning the hideous shirt, I had the horribly unattractive sweat rings in my pits.  I walked into his office and showed him, and, will wonders never cease, I don't have to wear the uniform.  But now, tomorrow when I go in, everyone is going to wonder where my uniform shirts are.  How thoroughly embarrassing.  According to my doctor, the only options left for this are undergoing surgery to have the sweat glands in my armpits removed (but I always picture the sweat squirting out some other, equally unappealing pore of my body) or injecting Botox into my pits.  Yay.  Botulism.  I really want to introduce that into my body.  I don't even eat preservatives, for crying out loud!

So perspiration.  That is the "TMI" in TMI Tuesday.  Ahhhh....I knew I'd come up with a topic.  Stay tuned to next week when we discuss some other horribly embarrassing bodily function!

Thank you for all your warm responses, ladies!  You are really helping me toe the line with my plan (tarts aside.)


  1. We just might be kindred spirits. I have been a way-more than above average pit sweater for as long as I can remember. I always had rings in uniforms. Staples, McDonald's, white tuxedo shirt as a banquet server. That was my fave. The tuxedo shirt became transparent in that area and you could completely see my bra. Now i wear only dark colors and if I wear a lighter color or a blue, aqua or green, I wear a light sweater with it to cover the pits. It's horrible. I can so relate.

  2. Michelle ~ You must be my sister from another mister! It truly is horrible but in the grand scheme of things, we could be cursed with far worse health issues. This is what I tell myself everytime it gets me down. :)