Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16: Down Some Pounds

For once, the scale is making me happy.

It's probably because I was so sick, but I am down 6 pounds from the beginning of the month!  Today's weigh-in was 180.

I've made a huge change in eating habits, even though I am still dealing with WICKED cravings.  I'm being strict, but not so strict that I rebound.

A huge difference is cutting back on the Diet Coke. I don't know why, but when I drink that all the time, the way I so enjoy, I eat more.  I know there are studies with various hypothesis on why people drinking lots of diet soda gain weight, and it seems it is very true for me.

I'm sure with cutting out the fast food, the sodium intake is totally different.  That would also account for a few pounds.

The exercise thing is just NOT working out for me.  I've been under the care of a chiropractor for severe neck and back pain.  After two weeks, I can't go much further than a kilometer until I'm dragging my leg behind me in a most undignified fashion.  The chiro says to listen to my body and not force anything, and has also banned me from heavy lifting in the gym until this is straightened out.  I think I'd feel so much better if I could go out and take long wanders with the dog.  At least I don't have a pounding headache every second of every day anymore.

I had tried going to the doctor for this, but all they did was tell me it was stress and give me pain killers.  I'm getting more relief from the chiropractor after just 3 visits than the 3 doctors visits and multiple bottles of medication they gave me. While I'm definitely not anti-modern-medicine, there are some things a pill won't fix.

The meal plan is right on track for the week, and that in itself gives me a big buzz of success!

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  1. NICE! congrats on the loss and I hope the chiro keeps on getting better for you :)