Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aug. 11: A Topic Escapes Me


Really, I tried to focus and come up with a scintillating topic that I would discuss with you today.

I got nothin'.

So, I'll just ramble

Yesterday I stuck to my no sugar plan.  It nearly killed me, I will tell you that.  I stared at the goodies in the vending machine while I ate my Kashi cereal.  People probably find me quite strange.  I didn't cave, though, and that is the important part.
I didn't stick to my eating plan exactly, but I stayed on the straight and narrow.  I had:
m1: grilled chicken, oven sweet potato fries
m2: spinach salad, taco style w/ blue corn tortillas and ground turkey
m3: (at midnight eek) whole grain, organic English muffin w/ a little butter
snacks: Greek yogurt and berries, kashi cereal
A bit high carb and low protein, but all in all, I would consider the day a dietary success.
Today's plan: I have to hit the grocery store. MUST hit the grocery store, or I will starve to death.  Or eat at McDonald's.
Meal Plan:
m1: Turkey bacon, egg and English muffin sandwich
m2:  grilled chicken, broccoli
m3: another taco salad (so good!)
Snacks: Greek yogurt w/ protein powder, some kind of fresh fruit obtained on today's shopping trip
The night shift at the job I'm working is kicking my butt.  I hate working nights.  I'm constantly tired and lethargic because this is so opposite my natural body rhythm.  Workouts have been non-existent, aside from walking the dog.
Maybe lack of sleep is why I'm so rambly and unfocused.  Maybe I'll take a nap.................

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