Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24: Update

Hi!  I've been away a few days because my mom is up from the US for a visit and things have been busy busy busy.

I'm working everyday, of course, and then coming home and entertaining afterwards.  Money, as always, is a serious issue.  Things are beginning to work out, though.

My final day of RFL was Saturday.  I will do a results post this weekend.

This week, it has been weird getting back to "normal" eating.  Carbs seem to be making me bloated and uncomfortable.  I'm also having a lot of trouble getting my calories and protein in.  I have yet to hit my targets.  After a grocery trip I think it will be easier.  I have a plan in mind.

Workouts have been sporadic this week too.  It is so hard when I'm at work all day and the girls are at school and mom is sitting home by herself.

One week won't kill my results.  The kids are away for the next month and a good part of August so I can be completely focused on myself and be entirely selfish.

I'll be around on the weekend!

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