Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1: Monthly weigh in

Today's weigh in did not provide excitement.  I only lost two pounds in April.  I keep reminding myself that I had nearly a two week diet break, but it isn't cheering me up a lot.  There were also a couple of inches lost - 1 in the waist and 1 in the boobs (NOT where I was hoping to lose!)

So today begins a new month with a new plan.  I just began dieting again on Thursday, so I'm hoping the diet break did what it is supposed to do - I really want to get my weight loss kicked up to two pounds a week again.

Meal planning for this week: (planned leftover items)

Crock pot Mexican chicken, baked brown rice, veggies in their steamer bags, and roasted chicken breasts

I can put together lots of meals with those items.  I also need to restock on Greek yogurt for my yummy protein ice cream - so very delicious!

I've been trying, somewhat unsuccessfully to back off on the carbs a bit.  Carbs seem to be my favorite thing in the world though.  So I'm going to leave my carbs alone, make sure I get enough protein and keep the calories low.  This month I'm shooting for 120 grams of protein per day.

This weekend, if the weather clears up, I plan to do some gardening - that will give me a bit of a workout.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend ~

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