Friday, March 26, 2010

Walking Tour =)

I am lucky enough to live close to a recreational waterway with a 30 km path on either side of it.  Today, since I'm still recovering from a recent illness and can't run yet, I decided to walk a 5 km circuit and take some pictures to share with you.  You'll soon see why I enjoy walking so much!!!

There is water on both sides of the path.  It's very peaceful, especially in the early mornings when no one else is around.

A walk wouldn't be a walk without my pooch Katie and my new purple kicks.  Sometimes we go off the paved trail to a path so she can run around off her leash.

It's great for my walk/run program because the trail is marked off at 14/ km intervals.

One of my very favorite things about it is all the carvings. It started out as something to do when a dead tree had to be cut down, but even some of the living trees have a little surprise peeking out.  The artistry is incredible.  Here are some examples from my usual 5 km course.

These definitely add some interest to the walk.  Quite frequently I go and discover some new artistry has been added. 

Today I discovered I may be a likely candidate for "What Not to Wear".  I often see the same people along the pathway.  I had a doctor's appointment before my walk so I didn't have my hair scraped back in a ponytail, I had make-up on and I was apparently less bummy than usual.  Three people didn't recognize me, only the dog, and wondered where "the lady that usually walks Katie" was.  Eek.  Time for a makeover!

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  1. You are a lucky girl to have this waterway walk place so close to your home.. it looks so peacefull and nice and to have to marked for how far you go.. awesome..