Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 19: Starting on Monday

I'm on a few different health and nutrition forums. Often new people write in regarding their plan to start on Monday, to start on the first of the month, or to start after some obstacle is out of their way.

When you decide that Clean Eating, or any lifestyle is the way for you, why wait to start? Embrace this change you have decided to make. Strike while the motivation is high! Waiting to start is often just the continuation of the excuses that made you out of shape to begin with.

I want to make a list of reasons that people use for starting "later".

1.) I don't have the right foods in my house. Somewhat valid but still a cop out. You may not have everything you need but you can make the best choices possible until you get to the grocery store. Nearly everyone has some tuna, some produce or some frozen vegetables. Instantly begin to improve your choices and it will be that much easier to make good decisions at the grocery store.

2.) I don't want to do it until I have time to do it right. News Flash. You're never going to do things perfectly. None of us do. We do the best we can with the options available to us. Sometimes we don't pack enough food and end up in line at the dreaded drive thru. Starting right this minute, learn to forgive yourself and move on. Expecting perfection is the most certain way to fail.

3.) I want to eat **** one last time. I've been guilty of this myself. A lot of people give themselves a last hurrah and eat every horrible unhealthy thing in sight before the embark on a weight loss journey. Isn't that setting yourself up to feel deprived? Food is not off limits for the rest of your life! You can, from time to time, go off your plan and enjoy something you wouldn't normally eat. Gorging yourself like this is setting up the mentality that you will be banned from all things tasty. If you gain three pounds on your "last weekend" that's just three more pounds you have to lose. And trust me, they take way longer to take off than they do to put on!

4.) We have a big family Christmas party coming up in two weeks. Or a vacation. Or a dinner at a nice restaurant. Or a birthday party. The list goes on because life is full of special occasions. Why not be well on your way to a healthier you and plan for that special evening as a treat? Again, you are setting up an all or nothing mentality. If you know that you have a family function full of all sorts of dietary hurdles, plan to bring some healthy items and plan some select treats that you will thoroughly savour.

There are as many excuses to wait as there are people that want to get started and change their lives. By gritting your teeth and just moving forward, you have conquered the first obstacle. That sets you up for success because you can see that you were able to do something completely against the odds. Forgive yourself right now for not being perfect and love yourself enough to make a change.

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