Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb: 16: Can Faith Help Weight Loss Efforts?

Today I want to look at a different approach to weight loss. FAITH. Whatever your belief system, there is strong evidence linking weight loss success to a dieter's religious beliefs.

Most religions recommend moderation in all things. The Bible preaches against gluttony and sloth, two of the Deadly Sins, and two big contributors to the Deadly State of Obesity. In the Koran, the prophet Mohamed recommends "Eat if the good things we have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein, lest my wrath should justly descend on you." The Koran also recommends that one stops eating when their stomach is 2/3 full. Buddhism refers to the "Middle Way" a life free of excess and extremes, as well as mindfulness in all you do. The Talmud, the religious book of Judaism, teaches that food should be eaten slowly and savored. The Kabbalah teaches that God loves the person who overcomes their limitations.

Another thing the teachings have in common is eating food as close to nature as possible. All the beliefs see our bounty of food as a gift from God, to be celebrated and enjoyed with some degree of mindfulness and reverence. God created apples, not Twinkies.

It all sums up to this one fact: For thousands of years, major religions have all taught their followers to be moderate and to treat their bodies like a gift from God.

My new-found Christian faith has definitely helped me along my weight loss journey. It helps me to focus when I am getting off track. It seems somehow sacrilegious to pray for strength and help on my weight loss journey and then eat a King-sized Snickers.

Many organized religions now have weight loss programs for their followers. If you Google any of these names, you will be able to find some valuable information. Take what you can from it and apply it to your own efforts.

Christianity ~ Weighdown, Light Weigh
Buddhism ~ The Buddhist Diet
Paganism ~ Wiccan Weight loss
Judaism ~ Kosher Diet
Hinduism ~ The Sattvic Diet
Muslim ~ At Home!
If you're finding yourself stuck, whether it is just getting started, sticking with it, or you've hit a seemingly unbreakable plateau, consider looking towards your personal faith for some guidance. We need all the help we can get on our quest for a happier, healthier life!
NOTE: If I have provided any religious information that is incorrect, or used a term that is not politically correct when describing a religion or one of its followers, please forgive my ignorance and let me know about it so I can provide better information in the future!

Have a great, squeaky clean day!

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  1. To some men Duct Tape is very close to a religion. Now if only I could stop myself from taking off the duct tape or cutting a hole in the duct tape to be able to fit the garbage in...

    I am working on it though - Not sure if it's faith that provoked me to turn Vegetarian - but its something. Now if only I could faithfully stop eating candy.. o0o0 that reminds me I have a piece of chocolate in my purse :|

    Without kidding around I find your post interesting and I do believe just because I am curious I am going to check out that wiccan weight loss ...:P