Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb. 12: 5 Day Meal Plan

I make a general meal plan for about 5 days ahead. That way I have the food I need on hand, and it's prepped when we are in a hurry. I've been in the pulpit before regarding meal planning and I maintain that it's a vital part of clean eating success.

The next couple of weeks are a challenge because my oven went "kaput" so I am relying on the Foreman grill, the stove top and the microwave. Sigh - can't wait to get a new stove! Come on TAX RETURN!!!

~Organic multi-grain English muffin with goat cheese and fruit
~Whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and fruit

Lunches/ Snacks
~ Leftovers from dinners
~ Spinach salad with leftover protein or tuna

~ Homemade trail mix
~ Pita pizzas topped with clean sauce, protein, veggies,and low fat cheese

~ Grilled salmon, bow tie pasta w/asparagus and Parmesan
~ Beef BBQ on a bun, steamed broccoli
~ Stir fry w/grilled chicken, rice noodles,and veggies
~ Grilled chicken tacos, refried beans
~ Beef and mushroom stroganoff over noodles

So, that gives you an idea on what's on the menu at our house. The food was all purchased yesterday and appropriately repackaged and frozen or stored.

Have a great weekend, everyone - keep it CLEAN!

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