Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan: 20 ~ Inertia

One of my favorite quotes is Newton's First Law of Motion.

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.
Doesn't that just sum up not only weight loss, but life in general?
The properties of inertia have been hard at work at my place recently. I copped out and took the week of Christmas break off of working out. Friends warned me it would be tough to get started back up but I scoffed at them. Well, I have just managed to get started up again on Jan. 19th! My one week break turned into a month and for no other reason than INERTIA!!! I just plain old got out of the habit and had to make a very concentrated effort to get back into the habit. The side effects? My energy was dwindling, I was depressed and cranky and I was NOT dealing well with the stress life has been throwing my way.
Now for the positive side. My goal is to get on the bike or elliptical for 10 minutes. That's it - just 10 minutes! Nothing too strenuous or time consuming but I had to really bargain with myself to get on it for that amount of time the first day. But I did and the TV program I was watching proved interesting enough to keep me on for 20 minutes.
This morning, I did the same thing - stuck it out for 20 minutes instead of the 10 I had promised myself. However, the afternoon found me full of energy and I walked over to surprise my daughter after school. It wasn't a long walk but 20 minutes each way brings today's activity up to 40 minutes. See? Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion! The dog, by the way, liked the walk way better than watching me pedal the bike to nowhere.
Today's Eats:
M1: WW toast, natural pb, apple
M2: 1st attempt at hm baked potato chips, chopped sirloin, mushrooms
M3: trail mix
M4: Herb roasted turkey breast, maple roasted sweet potatoes, garden salad w/ Newman's OV dressing
M5: Popcorn or fruit
Once I perfect my homemade potato chips, I will post them on here. I MUST find a viable substitute for chips when PMS strikes!!! Chips are the last holdout from my old junk food life that still hold appeal for me. Today's experiment wasn't bad but I'm going to tweak it before posting it. They were overcooked in some places and not crispy in others. I'm going to try it with lower heat next time.
Remember inertia the next time you are tempted to slack off on your workouts or clean healthy eating!

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