Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan. 18 ~ Toxin of the Day: Sucralose

Sucralose is the primary ingredient in the most popular artificial sweetener sold today. It is touted as a healthy artificial sweetener because it is derived from sugar. Does that make it natural? Does that make it safe? Let's see with the research says.

If you are to ask the company who is the number one producer of a sucralose-based sweetener, they will tell it is a SPLENDID way to sweeten your beverages or baked goods. This particular company was sued by the sugar industry for promoting their sweetener as a natural product. The suit was settled out of court.

Sucralose is created when that parts of sugar that are broken down by the body are removed and replaced with chlorine atoms. Chlorine, as we know, is poisonous to humans. When the carbon is removed from the sugar it becomes a chlorocarbon. Other chemicals you may have heard of that are chlorocarbons are DDT, Lindane and Chlorodane. Chlorine is included in such things as bleach, disinfectants, hydrochloric acid, and poisonous gas used in WWI.

Animal studies have suggested that chlorocarbons can negatively affect the liver and kidneys, since those are the organs of the body that filter out the toxins. It has been shown to shrink the thymus gland, which houses the body's immunity. This can trigger an incurable disease called Polychemical Sensitivity Syndrome.

Extensive research is still being done on Sucralose. One fact is very evident: it is NOT natural. It is a chemical that is created in lab by removing and adding atoms from something that is grown.

The people making money from this chemical continue to insist it is safe. Many scientists doing research on it insist it is not. I found this link very informative.
The scientist whose work is examined in this link suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease,which he believes was caused by aspartame poisoning. He refers to artificial sweeteners as "minute doses of nerve gas". His story is disturbing and eye-opening.

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  1. Thank you for posting this info. I know sucralose is an artificial sweetener but I think its one of the least offending ones out there vs cyclamate.