Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan. 14: Toxin of the Day ~ Taco Smell "Beef"

Today's toxin isn't necessarily a toxin per se; it's just gross. Has anybody seen the advertisement for Taco Smell's Drive Thru Diet? They are proposing that you can order off their "Fresco" menu and lose weight. The "Fresco"menu is the same ingredients minus sour cream and cheese and is 20 calories less than the regular menu. They are suggesting that eating from their drive thru is part of a healthy lifestyle.

I did a little research to see what is actually IN the Taco Smell taco. The beef is Grade "E" which is the lowest grade of meat allowed to be sold for human consumption. Anything lower than Grade "E" is turned into pet food. Meat that is graded "E" is from an animal more than 8 years old.

I always wondered why I had to run to the bathroom for the rest of the day after consuming Taco Smell food back when I ate fast food. Now I know! If I were ever in a pinch and had absolutely NOTHING else as an option, I think I would opt for a bean burrito. I know for sure that meat will never cross my lips again!

I'm really outraged that the advertisers are allowed to promote this as a healthy option. It targets the uneducated and the young. An average teen would believe every word of the advertisement. You might try to explain to her that "lower in calorie"does not mean "healthy" but kids especially believe what they hear on TV. The website even has a person they claim is a registered dietician who has sold her soul to the devil, claiming that this is a great option for the average American. The health industry will have to work hard to undo the damage done by this commercial.


  1. did it again girl.and you topped it off with the most disgusting ever.I have a TB in the mall I will never eat there and I am telling the girls at work.GROSS.Thanks for the info!!!Tan

  2. Yep I agree...had it the other day for the first time in over a year and WOW was it every tasty then as soon as that last bite went down - Wow did I ever feel sick! :( Now you're confirming to me that its sh!t lol gee thanks! And yes I did have reprocussions from it and will def think twice if given the option to eat there again. Won't be that beefy sauce lol - perhaps the steak or chicken but not their taco beef sauce.

  3. Wow, thank you for reminding me of this. Sometimes I get a craving, but no more!