Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31 - Bring on 2010!!!

I'm ready!!! This past year was not a good one for our family. The next one is going to be my best, healthiest year ever. Tomorrow I am writing a detailed plan, but for today I'd like to publish my general goals for the year:

1.) Break things down week by week - each week I am going to make a list of mini goals to help me get to my bigger goals. Expect that list on Sunday of each week
2.) Keep eating clean - that is the best thing that has ever happened to me
3.) Help my kids embrace a clean lifestyle - one of my kids could be a bit healthier and I know this is the road for her if I can get her on board
4.) Get my finances in order - I've gone into massive debt to open my store - I need to come up with some additional income to pay off debt and get out from under some of it
5.) Submit a minimum of one magazine article per month - I always said I wanted to be a writer and had some success in the past but this year I am going to make that dream a reality. This is going to be the year that I can say I am a freelance writer.
6.) Continue this blog - writing down my failures and successes helps me more than I ever thought it would. It keeps me accountable and helps me not to make the same mistakes over and over
7.) Embrace fitness! I want to get back to the point where my body craves activity. I was there just a year and a half ago. I know I can get that feeling again.
8.) Incorporate activity into our family life - This year I want us to have active weekends: the indoor water parks (all those stairs), hiking, white water rafting, swimming, indoor rock walls, museums and nature centers. Ontario is full of all sorts of wonderful active things I can do with my kids!
9.) Become more active in our church community - We joined a church in August after my father passed away - it was the last thing he asked of me. He was so wise. I feel happy and recharged every Sunday. I want to incorporate that into my daily life a little more by becoming more active in the community. I'm considering home visits or something along those lines.

So there is the outline! This is my new life. Tomorrow, while all the kids are sleeping I'm going to put it in the format of a business plan - my new LIFE PLAN!!!!

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  1. This looks great.. I have been working on my life plan for this year too.. I seen the thread for the beginners Jan challenge last night but I worked on what I wanted instead of posting last night but I posted today..