Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec. 30 - the Eats!

I almost forgot to list my food today! Well, had I listed it earlier it would have changed so that's probably a good thing. We had unexpected guests for dinner so I had to throw some stuff together that was less than clean. But, you'll see - I think I did pretty well and the leftovers will be great for our party tomorrow:

M1: WW toast, all natural pb, apple
M2: turkey breast burger on 1/2 whole wheat bun, baby carrots
M3: roasted turkey, roasted potatoes, green beans
M4: Trail mix
M5: Angus meatballs (frozen but no crud except excess salt) cooked in commercial honey garlic sauce (loaded with sugar - I let mine drip as well as possible), brown rice that I had made on the weekend, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, 5 potato chips
M6: orange

Now the really cool thing about that meal # 5: I put everything out buffet style, and also on the buffet was dip made with onion soup mix (I tasted it to make sure the proportions were right and that was it!), fudge, and Christmas cookies. The kids had orange pop and I wasn't even tempted! The chips would have called out to me until I ate them so I had a small sampling. The dessert was not even tempting. And now I'm good, I'm happy and I have a feeling of accomplishment.

Tomorrow is all about the resolutions - and some party prep!

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