Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec 29 - Today's food

Yesterday went just as planned - I love it when that happens! Hooray! I am really working hard to keep it clean until our New Years Eve party.

I decided to plan my meal 6 every day and then eat it if I'm hungry, skip it if I'm not. Then when I do get hungry I'm not wandering around the kitchen poking my nose into all the containers and eating too much. Here is today's yummy food agenda:

M1: ww natural toast, all natural pb, apple
M2: Small Cabbage roll (homemade but not by me - moderately clean), orange
M3: Turkey, 3 potato wedges, green beans and carrots, all mised up w/ Mrs. Dash Spicy
M4: HM trail mix
M5 Turkey burgers on 1/2 ww bun, topped with spinach, onion and tomato, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli
M6: apple or orange

I'm not sure that fruit is the very best choice for the last meal but I chose it because sweets are what I always want at that time of night. The natural sweetness of the fruit does the trick for me.

I love the new little grocery store we have begun using. It is a family store, and they buy as much as possible from the local farms. The produce is competitively priced, the meat, all free range is a little higher, and the bread is all baked there - no preservatives - yippee! And the bread is cheaper than the Wonder bread alternatives. They also have a hot food bar of homemade foods, so in a pinch I can get moderately healthy meals that are prepared. That is where my yummy cabbage roll came from - the kiddos had homemade pierogies for lunch.

I missed my workout today - I overslept and the kids were up so I had no place to do it. Still waiting and about to begin threatening for my workout room upstairs to be emptied of all DD14's stuff! Grrr. Break out the garbage bags! Today was also my first day back to work after all of that lovey time off. Ahhhhh....it's just heaven to take 5 days in a row to not work!

Have a great day, and thank you to all of you that read this, and especially the ones of you who are nice enough to leave comments!



  1. Daisy - for your M6, why don't you add a tbsp of natural pb with your fruit or a handful of nuts or a slice of cheese? A clean protein with your fruit/vegetable will help it not burn through your body as fast so you won't wake up starving. Not sure about you, but I have this problem when I don't eat a balanced snack before bed (being diabetic and all) :)

  2. It's funny - I am just the opposite - if I do the protein thing before bed then I wake up and I feel full and bloated. I have trouble getting through my AM workout because I feel nauseous! I finally established the link between what I have at night and how I feel when I work out. I wonder if it is the diabetes that causes the difference.....

  3. I enjoy reading your blog each day... I can't tell you how much you are helping me with your experience and knowledge.... I'm going to have to try those sweet potato fries.. right away.. they sound yummy.. Lisa

  4. Lisa - you make my day! I will post the recipe I use tomorrow - it is a little different from the one in Tosca's cookbook because I don't like rosemary.