Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 28 - Cookie Misdeeds

I had such a wonderful plan for yesterday. It was nice, it was spotlessly clean. And what did I do? I ate cookies!!! I must get rid of these thrice-damned cookies! And I don't mean by putting them into my tummy!

I was feeling wretched in the morning so I didn't plan my food like I should have. So, later in the day I was absolutely starving! Because I didn't prepare the right type of food, I just began to eat everything in sight. So add to yesterday's menu an apple, an orange, 1 shortbread meltaway cookie and 2 pieces of peanut brittle. NOT on the menu, especially those last two. I was trying to kill the sweet craving with all the fruit, which usually works but yesterday was also quite short on protein. OK - I'm done whining - it's all out of my system. Today is a new start and everything is going well.

I did the weigh in and measurements and I regret to say I am back up .2 so I am exactly 200 pounds today. Yuck. Not where I wanted to be, but to put an optimistic light on it, I can honestly say I lost a pound the week of Christmas. My measurements are down slightly - I am -1/2 inch on my hips and 1/2 inch in the chest (hey - I wanted to keep those!) My waist stayed the same.

The only serious temptation I'm expecting to face this week is New Year's Eve - we always have a big foodfest and sleepover. So that will be my planned cheat this week. I won't go crazy because I know it makes me feel really bad the next day - NOT how I want to start my New Year!

Today's Eats:

M1: ww toast w/ natural pb, banana
M2: Broccoli pita pizza
M3: Trail mix
M4: Broiled chicken breast, baked brown rice, steamed veggies (green beans, zucchini and carrots)
M5: Fruit

The pizza is a quick and easy clean meal. Like all of the quick clean meals, it is all about having the ingredients at your finger tips. This is so simple I'm not sure it could be considered an actual recipe; it's more of a list of ingredients.

Broccoli Pizza
1 cup of steamed broccoli, cut small
whole wheat pita bread (read your label to steer clear of white sugar and preservatives)
tomato paste
feta cheese
other low fat cheese
Spices of your choice
Spread the pita with tomato paste. Sprinkle on the spices of your choice. I use garlic powder, onion powder, basil, oregano, and sea salt. If I am in the mood for spicy I also use a little bit of crushed chili peppers. Make certain your steamed broccoli is well drained, and place it on the pizza. Top with a mixture of shredded low fat cheese and feta cheese. Bake in the oven at 425 for about 10 minutes.
This is a kid pleaser also (at least it is if your kids like broccoli - mine LOVE broccoli!) I think it is really important to have some go-to recipes for those times you will be tempted to dial Pizza Hut, so this is one of our favorite quickies. For the kids, I leave off the feta and just put a little more mozzarella or cheddar on theirs.


  1. The pizza sounds super yummy and so easy.. I will try that very soon..

    I started my weight loss journey in April of this year at 254lbs and I did lose weight.. I'm currently at 216 BUT I was at 210 before the holidays.. i put 6lbs back on.. I remember during my weight loss that I was so excited to be under 225.. now I can't wait to be at 200 and to be under that.. would feel awesome..
    So.. I will be so excited to get to where you are now.. Great job and thanks for the informational.. motivational.. blog.. Lisa

  2. I only wish I had read this blog entry, Karen, before I pointed and clicked my way to having TWO, TWO topping (meats, of course...cuz when I cheat, I cheat BIG) pizzas along with a melty, chocolate lava mini cake. I ordered two pizzas because of a coupon special...Now I'm not exactly feeling special. Damn.

  3. Hi, Anonymous. I know, it can be really hard to get control of it when you have a problem with "over-cheating." I've spent years doing the same thing. When I started eating clean I noticed a huge link between my bingeing leading to more bingeing and anxiety. If I had all that leftover pizza in my house I would freeze it in individual serving sizes - set those serving sizes when you are NOT hungry. Then you can't just pick away at it. You have to think about it, take it out and cook it. Big hugs to you - a lot of us have a rough time with overdoing it on occasion. Guilt won't help - it will just cause you to do it again. Let it go and start fresh.